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Modernizing Legacy Systems in Banking

Through this article, we’ll get into the details of modernizing legacy banking systems – the need, benefits offered, best practices, real-life use-cases & helpful technologies. So, Let’s get started!

SaaS-based HR Platform Modernization to Streamline HR Processes [Case Study]

Learn how Rishabh helped a Europe-based management consulting company to modernize its existing HR system to streamline and automate service delivery, from onboarding to case management.

Leverage Healthcare Bot Development to Enhance Patient Experience

If you are a healthcare enterprise, exploring how to go about chatbot development, then this article will help you greatly. Here we’ve covered the varied types, business benefits, use cases & how Rishabh can assist you by considering crucial factors.

Benefits of Angular for Businesses & Web Development Teams

If you’re also someone who wants to learn how with Angular even, you can boost your digital presence then this piece is for you. Here we’ll cover when to use this modern technology, the business benefits offered, the type of application created using Angular and more.

Custom Pharmaceutical Software Development For Better Transparency & Growth

Pharmaceutical software refers to an umbrella term for a variety of technology solutions used by manufacturers, raw material suppliers, wholesalers, including drug stores and healthcare providers. And, as the healthcare industry grows, more & more industry players, including drug researchers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and pharmacies, face the need to go for pharmaceutical software development.

Essentials of Software Product Development Strategy with Right Partner

For any IT inclined growing organization, the right product strategy is a must to fast track their go-to-market. It refers to the methods and actions utilized to bring new products to a market or modify existing product offerings to create a new business. And, while the development of such a solution involves several steps, from idea incubation to finally taking it to the customers. Each stage requires a strategy to be successful and ultimately support the business to achieve the common goal.

Healthcare Supply Chain Management Software Development – Business Growth Catalyst

Digital transformation enables businesses the opportunity to reshape their services with the latest tech tools and solutions. And, the healthcare industry like any other is no exception. It comes as no surprise that the use of technology in hospitals, from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to telehealth, is at an all-time high.

Why Migrate from AngularJS to Angular

Angular is one of the most popular frameworks today to create applications for both mobile and desktop devices. Since its introduction in 2016, it has grown to become a favorite among both front & back-end developers. This is because of its features & advanced capabilities that make the code structured and more efficient.

MEAN vs MERN Stack: Selecting the Right One for Web App Development?

The MEAN and MERN stacks are among the most popular technology stacks that developers use for creating websites and web applications. So, should you employ either MEAN stack or MERN stack? Which one will work greater for your business? The decision dictates everything from how long your app takes to build, who you need to hire, and what it can accomplish.

Meeting Management Software Development

Meetings are an essential part of professional life as they ensure a consistent flow of communication across modern business workflows. Typically in any such gathering members have operational discussions, brainstorm about tasks, analyze results and more. Though any such discussion without a definite plan, clarity on responsibilities, adequate notes would result in negative consequences for the whole company. This even impacts project development as time management is an essential consideration across various tasks.

Laundry Management Software Development to Drive Business Success

If you’re looking to make your laundry service more profitable and clients happier, then a custom laundry management solution is just what you need. Read on to uncover the essentials of an all-inclusive system that can level up your laundry business.

Angular 12 Features: An Overview Of What’s New & Better

Angular is a leading TypeScript-based opens source framework for front-end application development from Google. This is highly preferred to build interactive, dynamic web & mobile apps. It has evolved drastically with every new version release.

Enterprise Application Integration: How To Digitally Transform Your Business

Enterprise application integration (EAI) is critical for driving change for adopting application modernization, cloud computing or business process modernization. Through this article, we’ll help you understand the concept, approach, how it works, best practices and how your business would benefit from it & much more.