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Microsoft Power Automate Consulting Services

Harness the power of automation and eliminate efforts to do repetitive & time-consuming tasks.

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Power Automate Development & Consulting Company

Put your workflows on autopilot mode for higher performance & productivity

Our Microsoft Power Automate services empower enterprises to streamline daily tasks, boost efficiency & reduce the risk of errors.

Leverage a single solution power-packed with the capabilities of both RPA and AI to drive value across multiple processes & achieve desired outcomes.

These capabilities enable us to automate workflows between your existing apps & services in an integrated environment that covers thousands of ready-made templates and more than 200 connectors. All of this helps you collect data through any device, trigger real-time notifications and synchronize files across locations – all in a manner that your key business processes are simplified & streamlined to save time and supercharge productivity.

Partner with us and free up your valuable time to focus on seizing strategic, high-value business opportunities. Avail our Power Automate development services to directly integrate workflow automation into your apps with a low-code development approach that quickly connects your legacy systems to popular apps & services and drives operational efficiency with long-term savings from the get-go!

Microsoft Flow Consulting Services

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Our Microsoft CoE team has over two decades of experience in designing and delivering custom business solutions using several MS platforms, development tools, and server technologies. That is why, as your entrusted Power Automate consulting company, we’re uniquely positioned to make sure your business extracts the full potential of this technology to drive innovation & improvement.

Power Automate Development

Power Automate Development

Automation is crucial for growth-oriented enterprises to achieve digital transformation and operate smartly. Our Microsoft-certified Power Automate consultants work with you to create a custom automation blueprint. It defines the fastest and the best route to automating your manual workflows and modernizing legacy processes to expand your business capabilities.

  • 360° requirement analysis
  • Complete planning & design workflow
  • Custom connectors
  • Embedding Power Automate

Power Automate Implementation

Power Automate Implementation

From identifying the tasks that are best suited for automation to building custom solutions using Power Automate, we’re here to support your transformation journey at every step. Whether it is a simple push notification, inventory management, or a complex business process spanning different apps, you can count on us to get your Power Automate implementation done right while driving optimum results with Power BI, Power Apps & Power virtual agents.

  • Pre-implementation audit
  • App engineering
  • Migration
  • Modernization

Power Automate Managed Services

Power Automate Managed Services

Enterprises that want to harness the benefits of Power Automate can count on our skilled developers for rapid & reliable managed services. Our team will take your burden off for managing & maintaining administration, a help desk with integrations, user request management and end-to-end data security with post go-live support. Using our managed services means you can rest assured of better business outcomes while leaving the legwork to us!

  • Environment provisioning
  • Platform hosting
  • Azure tenant
  • Release management

Power Automate Integration Services

Power Automate Integration Services

Power Automate allows enterprises to make the most of several default integrations, and inbuilt connector libraries. Our developers can automate your routine tasks and repetitive processes integrating them with third-party plugins and apps. This will enable you to combine various apps into one centralized easy-to-use solution that solves your business challenges while saving a ton of your time and effort!

  • Integration with legacy apps
  • AI builder & virtual agent integration

Power Automate Support Services

Power Automate Support Services

At Rishabh, our comprehensive support services are designed to empower your employees to not just fix issues but drive efficiencies across the board. We know that a cookie-cutter solution does not cater to unique business needs and so, our Power Automate consultant helps you implement up-to-date solutions that are bug-free and optimized to your business needs. With us, you can also expect post-implementation support for a seamless transition and prompt assistance to resolve issues in adoption, along with testing stability in the initial phase.

  • Microsoft certified expert guidance
  • Quality assurance
  • Performance testing
  • Continual service improvement

Tools & Technologies

Ready to automate day's worth of tasks in minutes?


Microsoft Power Automation services that drive workforce innovation & efficiency gains

We have a Microsoft CoE with a strong footprint in digital process automation and an unrivaled experience of developing custom solutions. This enables us to transform the way businesses work with the power of time-saving automated workflows.

Microsoft Power Automate Consulting Services
Low Code Approach
Low Code Approach
Power Automate workflows involve several permutations, combinations and logics that often make it difficult to handle for a user who does not have coding knowledge. We take a structured low code approach from the start to accelerate repetitive tasks using automated workflows. It enables businesses to grow and expand effortlessly.
Experienced Microsoft Consultants
Experienced Microsoft Consultants
We’ve been building custom Microsoft solutions for over 2 decades now & our team has automated several projects across industries. Having a vast experience in several line-of-business apps, our Power Automate consulting services can help you kickstart a new project & integrate it with other apps or transform your existing apps into feature-rich cloud-based applications using power apps & Power Automate.
Full-scale Implementation
Full-scale Implementation
With Rishabh, you can rest assured knowing that your crucial business processes are being managed by a professional power automation solution provider. From handling the complete shift to a new technology infrastructure to managing the strategic adoption program and making sure that all your performance expectations are met, we impart optimal value at every step.
Industry-specific Competency
Industry-specific Competency
Our team has unrivaled experience in the Microsoft universe paired with a deep understanding of several business processes and industry-specific workflows. This ensures end-to-end implementation of custom flows across a wide range of apps.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Power Automate?

    Previously known as Microsoft Flow, Power Automate is a fully-loaded enterprise system that enables users to automate processes and tasks within their Office 365 workflow. The workflow typically connects different apps and makes them interact with each other. Actions triggered are configured in the app using Power Automate sequences and queries.

    What can Power Automate do?

    This is a great tool to boost business productivity. It helps build a flow that captures leads from different sources, propagates data to Dynamics and automates processes across the board.

    Power Automate vs. PowerApps - what’s the difference?

    Power Automate is primarily a workflow automation tool whereas Power Apps is an interface design tool that provides a fully-loaded environment for low-code custom application development.

    What is needed to get started with Power Automate?

    Apart from an Office 365 license that enables the implementation of Power Automate, a business needs to assess their overall needs following with the credentials of all the apps/services that need to be connected. If you have already done that, great! If not, our Microsoft power automation services can lead it for you.

    Why should we choose Rishabh over an independent Microsoft Power Automate / Flow consultant?

    With Rishabh, you get the technical competency and experience of our entire MS tech team when working on your business process automation initiatives. This means that your workflows are being driven by skilled and certified professionals following the best industry practices.