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Digital Process Automation Services

Orchestrate business data, apps & end-to-end processes to drive efficiency gains. We build & implement custom digital process automation solutions that help reducing time, effort & cost.

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Team up with an experienced digital automation company & gear up for revolution!

Helping organizations automate processes to stay resilient, responsive & agile 24/7.

As a digital process automation (DPA) specialists, we’ve powered transformation initiatives beyond just digitization. Our skilled team is perfectly positioned to help you leverage a future-proof DPA strategy that augments the speed, scope & success of task automation & process orchestration within your organization.

As your DPA technology partner, we adopt a holistic approach that starts by analyzing your manual flow of data and legacy systems that work in silos. Then we identify routine tasks/processes where bots can be placed and orchestrate your digitalized systems. This is followed by putting the required technology of RPA (UiPath & Robocorp) in place that automate not only tasks but end-to-end processes, across the board.

Part of the goal is also about faster and easy application development and with capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform we do that best. This enables businesses to build better & smarter apps much faster but also offers a centralized view of all processes to gain actionable insights for non-stop optimization using Power BI.

Whether it is basic, back-office task automation or a full-scale process orchestration, our teams deliver high productivity with superfast deployment.

Digital process automation service provider

Services We Offer

Businesses today are looking for agile and fluid strategies to accelerate productivity and swiftly build responsive value chains. To help our clients achieve this goal, we combine our technical capabilities with solid subject matter expertise and deliver end-to-end automation implementations.

Low-Code Platform Apps

Low-Code Platform Apps

We harness the full potential of Microsoft Power Platform to develop secure & scalable enterprise-grade apps that efficiently orchestrate the workflow between your people, processes, systems & services to drive great levels of efficiency and agility. Supercharge productivity & get your business to succeed faster with our digital process automation services that leverage the combined potential of custom, low-code app development, real-time dashboards, and AI chatbots.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Businesses need an RPA solution that is easy to implement, works efficiently, scales quickly & integrates seamlessly without disruption. To bring value & ultimate satisfaction even to the most demanding clients, we use comprehensive automation platform like UiPath & open-source RPA tool like Robocorp. And to extend the scope of enterprise process automation, this all-inclusive tech stack integrates BPM, AI capabilities & analytics.

We can help you build software bots locally, deploy them anywhere & run operations from the cloud while retaining total control of automated business processes. We also have the proficiency to put these tools to work with your existing data and systems for optimized operations & amplified ROI.

  • Business process analysis & assessment
  • RPA design & development
  • RPA deployment
  • Migration from RPA platform to RoboCorp
  • Support

Tools & Technologies

Power Platform


Minimize cost & errors while maximizing productivity & ROI with digital process automation


Digital automation services that are transforming the way businesses work

Our personalized approach to meticulously mapping business needs & delivering superior digital solutions has earned us the trust of leading tech companies worldwide. Kickstart your automation journey with us to achieve the pace and precision you need to drive better business results & ROI.

Business process automation services
Multi-domain Experience
Multi-domain Experience
We have two decades of experience in driving digitalization & automation initiatives for small, medium, and large companies across industries. We deliver transformation through our industry-specific consulting capabilities & extensive process optimization experience.
Microsoft Center of Excellence
Microsoft Center of Excellence
We have 2 decades of experience in working on Microsoft technologies delivering custom software solutions with a strong emphasis on enablement, governance, change management, support, and continuous monitoring. You can count on us to streamline the success of your quick development and automation initiatives without having your IT resources strained.
Customer-first Focus
Customer-first Focus
Our clients value our agility, responsiveness, and genuine desire to enable them to optimize & scale. They benefit from our extensive experience, powerful business automation tools, advanced integration capabilities & fail-safe solutions designed to perform today and well into the future.
Data Management Capabilities
Data Management Capabilities
The volume & variety of business data is increasing exponentially with more processes and applications. Rishabh can help with total data management to build modernized information architecture. Right from ETL to data lake/data warehouse to data visualization using PowerBI – We do it all. This enables you to move faster and better across your process enhancement/automation journey.

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